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Stay in the heart
of Rome

Stay in the heart of Rome

Stay one step away from the centre of Rome

With its corners that seem suspended in time and the wealth of its artistic and cultural treasures, Rome has the power to capture the heart of anyone who visits it. For many, the first time one discovers it marks the beginning of an indelible bond with this city, so much so that it is said that once touched by its charms, one can never really leave Rome.

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Dolce Vita
Riad de' Fiori
Riad De' Fiori
Victorian Home
Victorian Home
Attractions and activities

Discover the city

You are in a city rich in history, art and culture. Immerse yourself in the most picturesque neighbourhoods or relax in the many parks and gardens.

Art & Culture
Monuments and Museums

Don’t miss the most fascinating glimpses of the city. From ancient ruins to majestic buildings, from monuments symbolic of Rome’s greatness to timeless works of art.

Parks and Gardens

A break from the hustle and bustle of the city to immerse yourself in the greenery of parks and historic villas.

Food and Shopping

In Rome, delicious food and eclectic shopping combine to offer an unparalleled dining and shopping experience, making every stroll through the streets of the Eternal City an unforgettable adventure.

Different locations in the heart of Rome



Piazza del Biscione 95
Via degli specchi 3
Via sardegna 22
Dolce Vita
Via dei Balestrari, 5
Riad de' Fiori
Via nazionale 221
Victorian Home
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